‘Shark In The Park’ Game

Decided to do some Storysacks stuff this week, making a board game for the Shark In The Park Storysack.

I wanted it to be as strong and colourful as Nick Sharratt’s illustrations so decided on using ‘cut paper’. I worked out a rough version of my game-board on white paper (scrap) and used it as a template tracing off the colour sections and squares on red, green and orange paper – glueing them to the red paper . I drew characters and other items from the storybook to go in my game, very tiny, to fit in the squares. Scanned the ink drawings into the computer, coloured them in using Photoshop and printed them out. Next was a very delicate cutting out job before glueing them into place on the game board, and lastly adding text with an ink pen.

I’m really pleased with the result. All I need to do now is laminate the two A4 pieces of the board and join them with tape (so that they will fold neatly) and laminate the 4 ‘shark’ player pieces.