New ‘Sparky Dog’ tee shirt

Added a second t-shirt to the Folksy shop today. This one took ages to photograph properly, wandering around the house trying to find somewhere where the light didn’t bleach out the blue.  It’s an eleven piece appllqué with a slightly revised ‘Sparky dog’ logo, mostly machine stitched apart from the hand stitched crosses on the eye and exclamation mark dot.

I was inspired to design more ‘Sparky’ logo t-shirts by a nice email I got from a Folksy customer, who spotted the fact that ‘A Dog Like Sparky’ is a song title from the band Cardiacs (he is also a fan). My original dog logo was Inspired by the song,  I knew he had to be anarchic, full of fun and mischief. A camping theme seemed approriate for the photo illustration.

There are a few more ‘Sparky’ tee shirt ideas still in the pipeline….