Made a new dress…

I’ve been working on this dress for some time… partly because I was was doing a workshop at Number 57 for this particular pattern, I was making it in stages so they could see the progress – but I didn’t manage to finish it with them because I decided it needed different sleeves.  But I finished it today “Hurrah”!

I used the ‘Dress Shirt’ Merchant & Mills pattern, but it needed pockets so I drafted a pocket pattern and added those into the side seams. Once I had the main body of the dress done, I realised it needed cap sleeves (to balance the dark yoke); so spent time drafting those properly and making a calico one to make sure it worked!

I’ve made four of these dresses myself, and helped four people make theirs in workshops at Number 57. One comment I would make about this Merchant & Mills pattern is that it has a lot of ease in the sleeves, which works ok with loose weave fabrics like linen, but with fine or close weave fabrics fabrics I’ve found I have to pull in the extra fabric into a little section of gathers across the sleeve head on the shoulder.

The lovely Indian block printed fabric was bought from The Cloth Shop – Ladbrooke Grove back in February.