I work at a local school, one day a week,  on a literacy scheme called Storysacks. 15 years ago I was part of a group of parents and teachers who created a library of a 100 Storysacks for use by Reception children (age 4-5), Infants School teachers, older children with special educational needs. A Storysack contains a Storybook, non-fiction book related to the story, toy characters or props or dressing up clothes, a game, and information cards to help parents and children to explore the themes. Every week the Reception children choose a different Storysack to take home. I act as librarian, checking the contents of all the sacks, mending and replacing toys and games.

Currently I am designing and making seven new Storysacks to complement the new Early Years Core Book List. I love the challenge of making new Storysacks; interpreting wonderful stories and illustrations, designing and making educational toys and games which are robust enough for years of use.