Craft workshops   •   Making project design   •

When my girls were at Junior School, I ran craft workshops for Mums and carers. I had to devise, easy to make, appealing items, to sell on the Christmas and Summer fairs’ P.T.A craft stall (eg. decorations, pinatas, lavender bags, cards, homemade sweets), writing and illustrating worksheets to explaining how to make them, demonstrating the making process and supporting the makers.

The very first workshop in October 2006, we made felt heart Christmas decorations. As she was leaving at the end, one of the Mums had a huge smile on her face and said “I made something. I feel empowered!” I’m very proud of my workshops; passing on skills but more importantly the self-confidence to tackle all kinds of making projects of their own.

In 2008 Mini Boden asked me to design a children’s making project for their website, based on  ‘glove-dog kits’ which I made for the school Christmas Fair some months earlier. ‘Sock Friends’ was the result! It was a great success and was followed up with  ‘Sock Pets’  two years later.