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Visit to Rye….

Lovely trip to beautiful Rye yesterday, with friends and family – purchased indigo paisley block printed cotton from Merchant & Mills (to make a nightie I think) and visited the Rye Society of Artists Summer Exhibition at Rye Community Centre – where I bought these cards.. this is a peek inside my shopping bag.


Finished Woodwork apron…

Before Christmas, I made a custom woodwork apron for a client – it was a long design process, several months, and required 3 toiles (calico versions) and lots of advice from woodcrafter friends. I’ve tinkered with the pattern some more, and finally have the first finished woodwork apron for the Folksy shop. The cargo style pockets are quite a challenge, and the magnetic pocket tabs are tricky… they want to stick to everything including the sewing machine plate! Hopefully I’ll get James to model for photos tomorrow….



New skirt for me…

Made myself a skirt using very very nice Merchant & Mills ‘Indigo Spot’ Indian cotton, with cotton tape from Particularly fond of the gingham pockets made from vintage bits of Oilily fabric.

I never thought I’d ever get so keen on wearing elasticated waistbands – but it’s great for working, when I have a lot of bending over do, like when Idrafting patterns or cutting fabric/patterns.






Made a new dress…

I’ve been working on this dress for some time… partly because I was was doing a workshop at Number 57 for this particular pattern, I was making it in stages so they could see the progress – but I didn’t manage to finish it with them because I decided it needed different sleeves.  But I finished it today “Hurrah”!

I used the ‘Dress Shirt’ Merchant & Mills pattern, but it needed pockets so I drafted a pocket pattern and added those into the side seams. Once I had the main body of the dress done, I realised it needed cap sleeves (to balance the dark yoke); so spent time drafting those properly and making a calico one to make sure it worked!

I’ve made four of these dresses myself, and helped four people make theirs in workshops at Number 57. One comment I would make about this Merchant & Mills pattern is that it has a lot of ease in the sleeves, which works ok with loose weave fabrics like linen, but with fine or close weave fabrics fabrics I’ve found I have to pull in the extra fabric into a little section of gathers across the sleeve head on the shoulder.

The lovely Indian block printed fabric was bought from The Cloth Shop – Ladbrooke Grove back in February.










Lavender bags…

I had a good afternoon at Number 57, friends dropped by, artists came to introduce themselves, had some great discussions. I even sold some lavender bags, which were the sum total of things I made this week (half-term never pans out the way you think!). They looked lovely nestling in beautiful Jan Barker bowls (see photo).



… and a picture taken at home this morning before I went to Number 57.

Nipper Skipper t-shirts


Earlier this year, in collaboration with Nipper Skipper, I designed a set of t-shirts based on their very cute logo-mascot Pip (Penguin) – They went on sale yesterday!

Nipper Skipper sell sailing gear- safety gear and technical clothing for children who sail – age 0-10 years. The t-shirts are their first foray into Nipper Skipper branded products.

Rather than straight copy their Pip logo I went for a simplified, yet still very recognisable, strong line drawing of Pip.

Nipper Skipper felt strongly that their customers would be keen on organic fair trade t-shirts. After some research we settled on Stella and Stanley marl shirts, printed by 3rd Rail in Bermondsey London, using water-based discharge inks – which give a fantastic soft feel (no horrible plastic finish) you can hardly feel any ink on it at all.

Lastly, we thought about packaging. I’d had these gorgeous stripey candy bags on one of my Pinterest boards for ages, they come in a lovely range of colours and sizes. The yellow ones were perfect with the set of Pip stickers Nipper Skipper already send in their parcels.



Sewing Clinic

Spent hours today trying to sort out an image to advertise the ‘Sewing Clinic’ I’ll be doing at Number 57 in May and June. I wanted to suggest different kinds of sewing projects; so came up with a big collage of bits and bobs with a red cross shape in the middle.


New men’s apron No6

Last night I added a new men’s apron to the Folksy shop, and made a ‘men’s apron’ category.

A ‘one off’ mens apron; made from denim offcuts, different shades and some reversed, pieced together to make a unique maker’s apron. It was quite exciting to make; usually I plan designs very carefully, do diagrams etc but this one was more spontaneous, folding and handling the fabric until I got all the fabric pieces in the right place.

No 6 aprons will use the same basic pattern with adjustable neck tie with a loop, pencil pocket on the breast, large pocket, narrow ties, but each will be unique with different arrangements of fabric offcuts.