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Shark in the Park Storysack finished…

I finally finished the Shark in the Park storysack!

I made the game quite a while ago (and posted about that), – but I had to sew hair on the Timothy Pope doll and make him some clothes, which was a fiddley job.

The other characters were scanned from the book and made into ‘lollystick puppets’.

Luckily I had some shark print fabric in my cupboard, which is just perfect for this Storysack!


Storysacks header…

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do this, but the Myatt Garden Storysacks Library Website finally got a header image. I chose one of my favourite storysacks, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes… and all the blues and yellows work well with the bright yellow background colour.

storysackscreenshotsept2016 storysackscreenshotsept2016web





PHOTOgoalwebFinished making a new storysack for school, ‘Goal!’ a Preston Pig book. I’ve wanted to make a football themed storysack for ages, to capture the interest of some of our more reluctant young male readers. After a couple of years of waiting I finally spotted a Preston Pig toy, complete with football on Ebay (still in his original packaging!) – so I was able to put this storysack together over the summer. I’m quite pleased with the cloth sack too, quite stylish, made from oddments left over from apron-making and a nice appliqué logo!

‘Shark In The Park’ Game

Decided to do some Storysacks stuff this week, making a board game for the Shark In The Park Storysack.

I wanted it to be as strong and colourful as Nick Sharratt’s illustrations so decided on using ‘cut paper’. I worked out a rough version of my game-board on white paper (scrap) and used it as a template tracing off the colour sections and squares on red, green and orange paper – glueing them to the red paper . I drew characters and other items from the storybook to go in my game, very tiny, to fit in the squares. Scanned the ink drawings into the computer, coloured them in using Photoshop and printed them out. Next was a very delicate cutting out job before glueing them into place on the game board, and lastly adding text with an ink pen.

I’m really pleased with the result. All I need to do now is laminate the two A4 pieces of the board and join them with tape (so that they will fold neatly) and laminate the 4 ‘shark’ player pieces.


Puppet Theatre

Finished making a puppet theatre to go in a new Storysack ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’. I managed to make it without buying anything – it’s made entirely from leftover bits of fabric from other projects, recycled fabric and ribbon- which is always a good feeling. And great to find another excuse to use ric rac!


A new addition to the Storysacks family.


[print_gllr id=461]

I finished putting together this storysack for the school Storysack Library yesterday. It’s for ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke, with really lovely illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.

I spent my summer holiday ’embroidering’ this little chap’s hair, using knitting yarn and sewing thread. Finally got round to finishing the romper suit and cloth sack this week.

I will really miss him sitting on my desk but he will be loved so much by the children and teachers!


At Last!

I finally finished the Peace At Last storysack on Thursday and it was out on loan straight away on Friday! The bear is very cuddly indeed, I’m particularly pleased with the knitted dressing gown. The printing on the bird whistle bag was an interesting experiment (see my last post).


Inkjet fabric printing experiment!

I finally got round to giving this a go. Basically it’s a sheet of cotton fabric (poplin weight) with a paper backing. You just print out your design or photo etc – it dries really quickly – rinse it (actually no ink came off anyway)- wait for it to dry – peel off the paper backing – iron. I used it for a little bag for wooden bird whistles (Storysacks) – the box had broken so I scanned the information, tidied it up in Photoshop and printed it out on the fabric, cut them out and sewed the pieces onto the bag fabric. I’m really pleased with the quality of the result, I’ll definitely use it  in future. I need to do a few washing tests next – it says hand wash or dry clean.

£10.25 for pack of 6 sheets from made by Blumental Craft