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Custom No7…

I had a lovely custom job for Sarah Myatt Glass last week.  A No7 ochre/red with big side pocket (front ones fill with glass bits!) and bigger chest pocket, completed with red stitching! It’s so interesting finding out about how other craftspeople use their materials, and to be able to design aprons that really work for them.



Finished Woodwork apron…

Before Christmas, I made a custom woodwork apron for a client – it was a long design process, several months, and required 3 toiles (calico versions) and lots of advice from woodcrafter friends. I’ve tinkered with the pattern some more, and finally have the first finished woodwork apron for the Folksy shop. The cargo style pockets are quite a challenge, and the magnetic pocket tabs are tricky… they want to stick to everything including the sewing machine plate! Hopefully I’ll get James to model for photos tomorrow….



Folksy feature ‘No8’ in their first 2016 newsletter…

I had a lovely surprise this evening when I opened the Folksy newletter email –  there was a photo of one of my aprons (modelled by James)!! They are “starting off 2016 with a selection of artisan crafts made by hand by British craftsmen and women, curated by Kirsti B Ceramics.” Actually there are 2 of my work aprons in her selection. Big thanks to Kirsti!


Bespoke Aprons for Marine Ices

December was a bit fast and furious, finishing an order of 20 bespoke aprons for Marine Ices in Chalk Farm (ice-cream parlour), whilst orders for aprons and Christmas decorations were flying out of the Folksy shop.MISPHOTO4

Discussions with Marine Ices started in August. It took ages to source them the right fabric – it was surprisingly tricky to find a nice blue cotton the right weight, price and with a reliable supply (for replacement aprons in the future).

The apron also needed to feature the Marine Ices logo, screen printing was going to be costly for such a small run and there was the chance that it wouldn’t look great either – after a bit of research I decided to have fabric digitally printed with the logo designs. There are several good companies out there, I used Bags of Love because they had the weight of fabric I needed for this particular job. 30 logos were printed for around £23. The fabric did shrink 4.3% in the wash, I was just about able to cut them out with enough for turnings, phew!MIMPHOTO3