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New – ‘The Makers Market Apron’ – No12

A chance remark by a glassmaker on Instagram, about needing big pockets for craft markets, was the ‘lightbulb moment’ for designing this apron.

The aim was an apron that was brilliantly useful at craft fairs, beautifully made and intrinsically convey the wearer is a practicing artist/maker.


The Woodwork Apron has arrived…

The Woodwork Apron No 10 has arrived in the Folksy shop.

It’s been a long process developing this apron, trying to come up with a design that would work for the majority of people’s needs, whether they are a furniture maker, joiner, sculptor or model maker etc. It takes best part of a day to sew, mainly because there’s so much measuring to be done with lots of pockets to make and position.

The fabric for this one is pretty extraordinary, a slightly coated brown denim, indigo blue on the reverse.

Golden No7

I’m quite obsessed with this ochre denim fabric, it’s both beautiful and tough. It puts me in mind of the coats storemen and grocers used to wear in the old days. I put two aprons on the Folksy shop today one with royal blue ties the other with red.


[print_gllr id=777]


Introducing the No7

I’ve been working on the idea of an adjustable crossover back apron for a while and this red and navy number is the first one. I’ve made two of these so far, one is in the ‘Number 57’ gallery/shop and the other I just put in the Folksy shop.





It’s taken me ages to get round to getting this apron photographed. I made three of these, one I gave as a Christmas present, one is for sale in ‘Number 57’ gallery/shop, and the third I just put onto the Folksy shop this afternoon.

It is a really lovely loose woven stripe cotton with the odd ‘nubbly’ bit here and there.