I’m a designer and illustrator with excellent drawing skills, and an eye for great colour combinations; producing appealing and distinctive design work and beautifully finished ‘fabric and stitch’ logos and embellishment for clothing.

I work freelance as a designer and consultant buyer for Nipper Skipper.

Take a look at my work in the “Design” section; examples of work I’ve sold to Mini Boden over the years, plus images of the fabric samples I produce.

Read about my workshops and the children’s making activities I’ve produced for the Boden website on the “Make” page.

Sparky” . A Dog Like Sparky – ‘Aprons for Makers’, my brand of well constructed, artisan aprons designed for art/craft practitioners,  shop-keepers, bespoke commissions, home, and children’s aprons embellished with handmade applique logos.

Storysacks” – is a literacy scheme I work on with a local school, combining my love of children’s literature and illustration with designing and making games, toys and educational material.


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